Anne Marie DAVID

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Anne Marie DAVID  

Biographie complète Francais format pdf mise à jour 08/12/2015 - Click here Biographie Anne Marie David pdf

Elle a l'une des plus belle voix de la chanson française et a réalisé la plus grande partie de sa carrière à l'étranger. 
Artiste aux nombreuses récompenses internationales, elle est l'interprète emblématique de la variété des années 70. 
Attachante de simplicité et de gentillesse, elle ravit son public par son charisme, ses chansons 
de qualité et son immense talent.

- Révélée en 1972 par l'Opéra Rock " Jesus-Christ Superstar" 
- Marriane de FR3 National
- Grand Prix du disque de l'Academie Charles Cros en 1972
- Grand Prix Eurovision de la chanson 1973 pour le Luxembourg et disque d'Or
- Prix d'interprétation au World Festival Song 1973 de la Yamaha Fondation à Tokyo (Japon)
- Oscar International des Variétés en 1974 et 1975 en Turquie. Seule artiste au monde à l'avoir obtenu 2 fois
- 3ème au concours Eurovision de la chanson 1979 à Jérusalem (Israël)
- Meilleure Interprète Etrangère 1983 en Norvège
- Finaliste du 28ème Festival International de Viña del Mar (Chilii)
- Décorée de l'Ordre du Croisant Rouge



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Anne Marie DAVID                                      

English Biography pdf 20/01/2012- Click Here  English Biography

Revealed in 1972 in the Rock Opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” with Marie Magdalene’s role, 
Anne Marie DAVID wins the Eurovision Song Contest in 1973 for Luxemburg with her song 
“Tu te reconnaitras” (Wonderful Dream). 

This success opens her the doors of an international career. She has recorded in several languages like English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Turkish, and speaks 4 of them.

In Turkey she becomes a real star. A jury of 400 journalists gives her the “Oscar International des Variétés in 1974. This award has been given to her by His Excellency Fahri KORUTURK, President of the Turkish Republic. It’s the first time that a French artist receives this award. Exceptionally, Anne Marie receives it again in 1975. She is the only artist in the world to get 
it twice!

In 1979 she represents France at the Eurovision Song Contest where she gets the third place with the song “Je suis l’enfant soleil”. Boosted by this third place, Anne Marie continues her international career.

In 1983, in Oslo, she receives the “Best Foreign Interpreter award”. Anne Marie has sung almost all over the world.

In 1984, in France, Claude BOLLING will compose a Children musical for her “ Le vent tourbillon” 
in which she plays with the famous actor Michaël LONSDALE who also releases the production. 
The album is still will available on CD under FREMEAUX et Associés label.

In 1987 Anne Marie decides to stop her career to live in the country. As her friend Jacques PESSIS ( journalist at “LE FIGARO” ) mentions it , “She has tided up her archives in a trunk, choose not to listen to the radio or watch the TV and spent time to breed bulls and Lusitanian horses”. 

15 years later, a friend of her, ask Anne Marie to come back on stage for a private concert in 
a restaurant in TOULOUSE. She hesitated much, but finally she sings, one night, some of her successes. She had never opened her mouth for fifteen years but all the professional reflexes came back naturally.

Some weeks later, a record producer prepared a compilation with 18 of her French titles, in which she writes some lines to introduce it. This CD album called “Je suis l’enfant soleil” has become one of the best sell on Internet, without any promotion from the medias.

In the same time, Anne Marie DAVID also opens a website and prepares new songs. 

Her comeback on TV shows is due to Pascal SEVRAN who invited her many times in his show “Chanter la Vie” on FRANCE 2.

December 23rd 2004 her new CD album has arrived on the market under MAD Productions label. 
It has been recorded “LIVE” on October 14th in CHARLEROI (Belgium) during a tour organized by her Fan Club and with the financial help of her worldwide fans. 

This album represents Anne Marie DAVID’s comeback on stage, and a beautiful story of love between her and her public. Thanks to you all!

In 2006 sh'e meets Jean RENARD. They decide to work together for the first time. It will give “FEDERICO” a single  to pay homage to the poet Federico GARCIA LORCA, and A MI PADRE produced by Jean RENARD, released on Patrick LIOTARD arrangements.It's Anne Marie's first experience as a Spanich lyricist. The stunning vocal possibilities of Anne Marie DAVID is revealed in those two songs.

Anne Marie DAVID actually prepares an album as an English lyricist, and she also writes in French for other artists.

A few months ago she is invited by Harel SKAAT the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest Israeli representative to sing her winning song in a duet with him. Both artists decide to continue their collaboration, and as a first step, Anne Marie David Sings the French lyrics of MILIM for Harel SKAAT the Israeli entry at the ESC 2010 in OSLO... She has also been invited to sing a duet in Hebrew with Miki GAVRIELOV an Israeli 70's popstar on his comming album...

A part of that, Anne Marie DAVID prepares a book in which she will make us discover parts of her life,feelings, meetings and experiences. Its title: "THE ME NOBODY KNOWS"

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